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Lipstick traces : A Secret history of the twentieth century
Greil Marcus Etats Unis

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Greil Marcus, author of _Mystery Train_, widely acclaimed as the best book ever written about America as seen through its music, began work on this new book out of a fascination with the Sex Pistols: that scandalous antimusical group, invented in London in 1975 and dead within two years, which sparked the emergence of the culture called punk. “I am an antichrist!” shouted singer Johnny Rotten―where in the world ofpop music did that come from? Looking for an answer, with a high sense of the drama of the journey, Marcus takes us down the dark paths of counterhistory, a route of blasphemy, adventure, and surprise. This is no mere search for cultural antecedents. Instead, what Marcus so brilliantly shows is that various kinds of angry, absolute demands―demands on society, art, and all the governing structures of everyday life―seem to be coded in phrases, images, and actions passed on invisibly, but inevitably, by people quite unaware of each other.

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Greil Marcus

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